The Future of Farming is NUTS!?! Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts…

In the Summer of 2014, a common question appeared to be percolating in the curious and fertile minds of several women in Fox River Valley’s local Food Not Lawns group.  Seemingly in unison, ladies who regularly had their hands in the soil started asking each other about how to find perennial plantables of the protein variety.  Isn’t it wild how the important questions of our times seem to whistle through the wind and land in listening years.  and I started discussing the benefits of going nuts.

….Why aren’t all people, everywhere, planting hazelnuts in all of our yards?

Healthy, edible, perennial protein growing just outside our front doors? Sign me up!

HybridHazelnuts-AgroForestry-Badgersett-ResearchFarms-Web (19)
Beautiful silky hazelnuts, swaddled in natures original packaging. Healthy hybrid varieties developed by Badgersett Research Farm.

More detailed information about planting and growing hybrid hazelnuts than you can possibly absorb in one lifetime has been compiled and published for you, with love, by

The new hybrid hazelnut crop has been designed from the very outset to address the problems of erosion and chemical use that accompany traditional farming methods.

  • Once established, no plowing or even cultivation is necessary.
  • No water runs off the fields because infiltration rates are dramatically improved, regardless of soil type.
  • Tiling should not be necessary in moderately wet soils.
  • No fertilizer escapes into groundwater, because the crop has extensive permanent root systems at work 365 days a year.
  • No soil is lost to wind or rain; in fact, this crop builds soil.
  • Wildlife finds cover and food all year.
  • In the near future, harvest will be entirely mechanized.
  • Economically, hazelnuts have a large, unsatisfied, existing world market, and processing potential even greater than soybeans.

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